Last Update: December 01, 2022

One item at a time

These are one-of-a-kind items just like the others, therefore I say One-Item-at-a-time.

Once this one sells I will have many more available. No! I will have one available. Just like that I will produce one item at a time for one34 workshop.

If you like what you see, feel free to ask as many questions as you would like regarding this journal. If you would like to see my full line of leather goods Click here! Thank you for reading. Happy Selling! 🏷️


Lace Bound Leather Journal

UPDATE: 02/28/23

This item is no longer available to purchase. If you have questions regarding this journal or don't agree with the sale, you can reach out to me: I want a similar journal.

Who is eligible to purchase this item?

Anyone with an intention to make this product greater than what it is. What I mean by that is put it to use. Or how about gifted to someone. You can even use my products as a display in your home or in your business.

How long will this listing be active?

You will have 60 days before this listing is terminated and will then be placed in a different category. This means you will be responsible for shipping cost.

We all know shipping cost are higher than ever. Therefore you are responsible for the shipping cost of this item. Not if you make a move now! We will meet you half way. We are offering free shipping if you purchase within the timers terms.

01/29/23 The timer ended.

One item at a time and we will have more to come.

Are you confused?

Don't be. I've created a message board to attend to your concerns, questions, anything I can help you with regarding this site or products we produced. Send me a message and I will gladly answer them as soon as possible.