What is zone34?

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement"
Why zone34
Why e-Bay
Why comics


     It's a place where a person decided to pull herself together and use her hand-crafted artistic ability as well as her self-taught front-end developer skills online. Combining these skills as well as self-determination has granted me access to sell hand-made leather goods. I also would like to add that when a customer buys a product from zone34, you are getting 100% genuine, authentic quality kodiak leather.
     A second person decided to join in as a support specialist. But for the most part it's a one woman show. Zone34 is forever evolving and ever changing. Check back often.


The ability to think and make things happend.

How comfortable are you managing a chisel tool?


How comfortable are you hand stitching?


How comfortable are you right now?


How comfortable are you making bags?


How comfortable are you selling on eBay?


e-Bay for all

I became a member since 2005 however, I didn't start selling until 2016. One main reason I choose ebay it's because they take care of everything for me. From secure transactions to secure refunds with no hassles at all which gives me peace of mind. They make sells and shipping so easy to manage. Furthermore, the tech support representatives are standing by on the spot to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

3 simple steps why I choose e-Bay


List your item as you see it with details for consumers to read.

Price: $50.00

Offers Accepted: Yes!


Have your item in shipping mode ready to print your label.

Type of shipping: Padded Enveloped

Carrier: US postal service

Earn cash

Oh! Don't we all need that extra cash, why not earn it?

Sold!: Smooth transactions

Humbly accepted

Comics for all

I can use comics for different purposes.


I like to express myself through comics and also for intertainment use.


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