I want to say something. I got a hold of something I have never seen before and I'm excited to tell you more about it.

Teklon waxed tapered thread

Introducing to you the Tapered Heavy Duty Thread from Maine Company.

Tapered Thread Spool

Talking about heavy duty, these are a beast of a thread. I got my hands on these little guys, I couldn't wait to put it to use.

Leather handles

What other way then to make the leather handles for the satchel bags with this type of thread.

Tapered Handsewing Threads

I now have it in black, brown and natural. These threads are handmade just so you know.

Tapered Handsewing Threads

Beautiful threads. I can't wait to start making more projects with this material.

Tapered Handsewing Threads

So there you have it. Let me know if you need anything made with this type of thread. I'm a message away.

Tapered Handsewing Thread

I have never seen this type of thread before. This thread became one of my favorites when making leather goods.

Teklon Tapered Handsewing Thread

Unless It's a custom order, then at that point I will have to use the type of thread I was assigned for the project.

Stress Reliever

These are out of stock. I only had 4 to give away.

Stress Relievers

Let me know if you would like to get one with your order.

Stress Relievers

I had 4 available but now they are all gone.

Take a peek

And with all this in place I have a whole lot coming. I work alone so please bare with me on this ⏰. The bag you see in the center is not available or the journals. These are displays only. I will show the bag in a small slideshow in case you would like to have one made. Once again, Thank you for visiting and the support I get is well appreciated.

Final Thoughts



Leather satchel bags

What you are experiencing right now is creativity for the mind and soul. That's right! These are consider high quality goods just like the rest of my products I produce.

100% Durable

we mean what we say

100% Guaranteed

or your money back

Product Details


How do you make this happen?

Step 01

I choose the color of thread for my needle

Step 02

Then, I grab the chisel and punch holes again by tapping slighly with hand

  • Choose thread
  • Punch holes
  • Hand-stitch
Step 03

This is the outcome. Full body leather bag.

All I have left to do is attach the leather handles. Even though my last step is using my 3200 heavy duty sewing machine, a lot of time consuming goes into these bags.

See for yourself!

Let's talk pricing

Best Bags

Too Low

  • No high quality material
  • Made with no effort
  • You can't pass it along
  • Easily tears
  • Unfunctional zippers
  • No good at all

You hit the target

  • Made with lot's of passion
  • 75% hand-stitched
  • Last a life time
  • You can pass it along
  • We care for our customers
  • Always work with high quality materials and tools
Get either one

Too High

  • Paid someone else to make it
  • Made with no inspiration
  • From second hand stores
  • No appreciation what-so-ever
  • Don't care
  • No good at all