When the seller cares

The seller went all out for this one. I naturally get excited when my packages arrive, but this one made a great impression on me.

Calendar of the year

Attached was a note saying, "Please accept our 2023 Calendar as our gift to you!" And you know what? I accept it. I may use it for my upcoming projects.

They have a lot to say

I received a little bit of everything. Lot's of great articles and goodies.

Roasted Peanuts😋

The best part of this besides my goods, that I received a small bag of honey roasted peanuts and they were delicious! I can almost say they were the best roasted peanuts I ever had in a great while.


I combined my fresh blackberries with roasted peanuts. Within two days, they were gone! Thank you for sending them. I enjoy them very much!👌

Us Too!


Packaging is highly important

We take great pride on our packaging as well. Don't take my word for it. Read my reviews.


We take our time

I take approximately 30 to 40 minutes when wrapping a package for the customer. I'm not kidding you. I invest time in making your package look good.


Moments that matter

Moments that matter are key mindsets for providing outstanding customer service and principles. Each minute I spent wrapping an item is an opportunity to delight our customers.



It just makes me feel good really. The fact that one of my items is going out the door to someone's home brings joy to my life. Thank you for supporting my leathercraft. It's been a blessing.