is also important for zone34

I also sell local when I can. If someone buys from me locally I sell it. So I decided to display items on this page because I didn't have the chance to post them online. Please note, if you see something on this page that has caught your interest let me know and I can make a similar product.

Similar items that may be requested have a chance of looking differently due to items being hand crafted.

Small Satchel Bag

Sold to a nice lady who was in town visiting. We appreciate your purchase.

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Raw wallet

This wallet is raw as raw can be. Someone bought it right away I couldn't refuse the sell. I will be making another one like this very soon to list it. It fits 8 cards with no hassle at all. Very nice wallet. Let me know if you need one now.

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100% hand-stitched journal

A person bought this for his wife that was in the hospital recuperating. (Not related to covid 19). Thank you. We appreciate your support.

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