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Zone34 is an advanced website that will show the processes involved in my leather craftmanship, and to understand the steps I follow to make it happend.

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In Simple Steps

Here are 4 steps I take to build, maintain, and support my leather projects.

The process


Believe this as I tell you: I literally sit here and stare at my four walls of my home and I think... I think how is this possible. I think how am I going to make this happen. Is what I want to accomplish doable? And miraculously it falls into place.


Furthermore, I start getting my leather ready for measurements. I clean it very good, then I give it a good brush. I then start to measure. I do my measurements in inches. I make sure my calculations are exact to what I had planned. And then proceed with the cuts.


Cuts need to be accurate, precise and true. I use a very sharp blade that I purchased from a warehouse store. The blades are replaceable, so I make sure they are extreamly sharp and ready for my cuts. The cuts need to be deep in the leather and once accomplished my vision takes shape.

Needle and Thread

More so, on to the final step which happens to be the one I love. I prepare my needle. I make the decision of the color of wax thread I desire. I place the pieces of leather I have cut for the project together. And start stitching my life away.

There are more steps involved but all in a nutshell, this is what I do to make it happend.

And just like that a vision and a project that started out as a thought and staring at my four walls, turns into a masterpiece.